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Nashua Marine:

Owner Christopher Sandell:

I am an individual that has been around boats all my life. As a young boy, my Dad and I would go fishing nearly every weekend. In 1988, I began a career in the auto mechanics field where I acquired an understanding of what makes an engine tick. In 1990, I joined the United States Navy. I went through a one year school where I earned the rate of Engineman. I graduated at the top of my class and was selected out of the top five to take part in an advaced Engineman course. After completion, I was given the opportunity to select any place in the world which had an open slot to fill. Believe it or not, my first choice was Portsmouth, NH. Unfortunately, I was told "no". I did try to get orders that would land me anywhere in New England, but "no can do." So I settled for the beautiful island of Hawaii, which was fine with me considering I was actually born there.

I reported aboard the USS Safeguard which is a rescue salvage ship. Not long after, I qualified in every engineering area which eventually landed me the job of Work Center Supervisor for the Main Propulsion plant.

In 1994, I was selected for the prestigious SDV Seal Team 1 where I was in charge of all the boats for the Team. I was sent to OMC overhaul school and put in a platoon as the boat driver/mechanic.

In 1996, I departed the Navy and resumed my education at the Mercury Marine Technical School, where after a two year full time program, I earned my certification in marine technology.

In 1997, I started working for a local marina where I became the head mechanic amongst many other duties. It was a great experience that prepared me for opening up my own business. I am proud to say, I never turned a job away. I also became the Marina's main boat builder. Building custom 35', 31', 27' and 22' feet fishing, charter and rescue tow boats for people located all over the United States. To name some The Koof on Nantucket. I built three 27' foot boats for SeaTow San Diego California. Every boat was custom made and contained many different intricate systems. I've installed bow thrusters, generator A/C systems and high tech navigational system.  I've also done many full restorations and repowers. 

I understand how important your boat investment is to you. Over the years, I have seen and tended to just about every repair and restoration condition imaginable. With over 30 years experience I'll continue to provide my customers with a high standard of professionalism and premium boat repairs.


Chris Sandell